About Helping buyers and sellers find eachother.

The Gym Exchange was founded out of a sympathetic understanding of the inner workings of small, intimate, boutique style gyms across the country. The last 5 years has seen an enormous increase in these types of gyms because of their low barrier to entry, laid back work environment and family feel, and the opportunity to make great living doing something you love to do!

Along with the increase in locations has come intense competition and a necessity for gym owners to master the basics of business and marketing. Many gym owners have come to realize that they got into this business so they could train their clients and help people change their lives. What they found was that they had to learn many new skills in order to be successful. For some, it has taken the passion out of owning a gym.

Owning an intimate, boutique style gym means that if you want to sell your business, you can’t just go posting it on Facebook! In fact, most gym owners can’t tell ANYONE about their desire to sell for fear of starting rumors, causing problems in their gym and losing ALL of their members.

If you can relate, The Gym Exchange IS YOUR SOLUTION!

I’m Shayne Jasper, founder and CEO of The Gym Exchange. I was in exactly the predicament described above! I loved my gym and I DEFINITELY loved my members, but I had lost my passion for training and coaching fitness. After almost 5 years of owning and operating my gym, I knew it was time to let it go, for my own happiness, for the further growth of my gym and for the sake of my marriage. I quickly realized that I was going to have to “get lucky” to find a buyer for my gym. I had to perform covert conversations with potential buyers before I was finally able to find one suitable.

After selling my gym, I was inundated with questions from other gym owners about finding buyers, valuing their businesses and completing the sale. It became obvious that a great way to serve the community I love was to provide a solution to gym owners experiencing the same problems.

We promise your information will stay completely anonymous until YOU DECIDE to reveal who you are and the location/name of your gym to your potential buyer.